What is FlashWhiz?

Over the last several years both home and commercial PCs have become increasingly more powerful, more capable and more complex. Unfortunately, while the PCs themselves have gotten more sophisticated, so have the types of problems that are likely to confront their users. From virus and spyware infections, to “blue screens of death”, “crashes”, “freezes”, and “lockups”, today’s PC problems have become extremely complicated to troubleshoot and repair. Which leaves most PC owners little choice but to take their “misbehaving” PC in to a repair shop, or try to fix it themselves.



And there are LOTS of options available to those who wish to repair their own PC. From an ever increasing list of antivirus, antispyware and general “fixit” programs that purport to be able to “fix any PC or PC problem, to “magic sticks” that claim to be able to fix your PC automatically, the consumer is being bombarded with options to “fix your own PC”. Sadly, far too many of the products on the market today are of little help in resolving the most common PC problems. And with sharply rising repair costs, many consumers & businesses have opted to simply replace their problem-prone PC, rather than have it repaired. Obviously this is an expensive remedy!

So, what do the “master techs” use to repair the thousands of PCs that come into repair shops all across the country every day? Do they possess some “magical” tool that can fix any PC or PC problem? Hardly. A recent survey of some of the best & brightest PC repair techs in the country revealed that most rely on 2 things to perform the vast majority of their repairtechrepair work: 1. a good memory, and 2. a collection of proven, effective software tools that perform most of the actual “work” of PC repair. Up until now, this collection of software tools has been a closely guarded secret in the PC repair industry. Why? Because PC repair techs make their money repairing PCs. It’s no wonder they’ve been reluctant to share the “tricks of the trade” with the public. But that’s about to change!

Today we’d like to introduce you to FlashWhiz! Developed by a master technician with over 30 years experience in the PC repair industry, FlashWhiz is a USB flash drive with some of the most powerful and effective PC repair software tools available.

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